Say hello to Patrick, the co-founder of Polyslash! He loves potent gameplay in video games and grim stories in any form. He has always wanted to create games. Almost as much as he has always wanted a real polar bear! The bear is still out of reach but he’s making games, how cool is that? Patrick masters the virtual worlds and wants to trigger powerful emotions in all of us.


He wakes up every morning to create horrors, theoretically and practically speaking – not only by inducing terror among his fellow co-workers when he pretends to ride imaginary polar bear at the office, but also by creating horror experiences for players. Before Phantaruk he worked on Scopophobia and Haunted: Memories. Patrick collaborated with Nicolas Games, One More Level and Madman Theory Games. He also led a team of people while working as a lead designer at Bloober Team.

Polar Bears are awesome!

Here at Polyslash, together with his associate, Patrick is responsible for production and game design. And he does it well. You will soon learn that when Phantaruk comes out! So you better play it or Patrick will unleash practical horror on you…

No just kidding.

Or not. Who knows.