The other co-founder of Polyslash is a man who travels through time focusing on his two passions – movies and video games. He graduated in film and television from University of Silesia with a degree in film and television production. He has worked on various shorts as a screenwriter and a director. This gave him a great background for making video games.


David is an advocate of deep stories. Combining his passion for movies and video games he wants to create emotional visual experiences. Something between those and beyond. In order to achieve that goal David has always wanted to understand passion of his co-workers. He wants to be empathetic and realistic at the same time. Sometimes he also wants to kill them, especially on Mondays, but hey, they are doing a horror game after all, are they not?

Combining different experiences allows the team to achieve something beyond borders – a truly emotional visual experience.

David started his career in game development at Reality Pump where he’s worked for two years, mostly as a lead cinematic artist. Now, combining his knowledge and that of the rest of the team, a truly intense experience is in their reach.