Category: TheTeam

Patryk Polewiak

Game Designer, Producer:

I love to create new worlds, characters and locations. Whenever there is a possibility, I try to put a soul in works that I make. It’s the only way to make a new creations special and unique. Most important for me is possibility of learning new things.

Dawid Ciślak

Producer, Writer, Designer

Advocate of deep stories. Traveling through time hand to hand with two passions: film and video games. Gaining experience in that areas gives me one purpose: create emotional visual experiences. Something more than film or video game alone. Something combined, maybe undefined yet. To do so, I’ve always wanted to understand passion of my coworkers, to be empathetic and realistic in one time. Combining theirs different experiences allows to achieve somenthing beyond borders. Truly emotional visual experience.

Greg Wal

Composer, Audio Director, Programmer: 

Beginning of my journey of creating music reaches far into my past, even before I started proper musical education. My long love of classical orchestral music fruited in a specialization in producing original scores and orchestral arrangements, though you can hear some electronic influences in my tracks.

Kamil Mieszczakowski

3D Artist

Creating a model is the most beautiful thing in 3d artist’s life and its use in-game is a prize for hard work and commitment. Backache, coffee, sleepless nights – these are beauties of 3d graphics I agreed to and which fill huge parts of my life.