One of the initial members of Polyslash and the main programmer in the team. He started studying Computational Mathematics on Jagiellonian University but left after three years to create video games. His journey started with being a video game tester for Green Genie Games. After a couple of months, he focused on developing his programming skills while working on Phantaruk. He also turned out to be a very talented young man, who poured his heart and soul into Polyslash’s first project.


Greg also has had experience in different fields of arts, which combined with his technical background, makes him a creative person who stands firmly on the ground at the same time. Although open-minded for crazy ideas, he puts a lot of weight into logic of games and is the only guy in the team who can start a war over a small detail. He hates the term “it’s just a game”. But of course he’s a nice guy! It’s not true at all that Greg was the inspiration to create Phantaruk.

Greg enjoys reading (especially science fiction novels) and playing strategy games. What’s more, he thinks a lot in his free time but nothing productive has evolved from this yet. But you just wait. For real.