Polyslash is a small video games studio, located in Cracow, Poland. The core team is made up of people with broad and varied experience – we have worked in places such as The Farm 51, Reality Pump, or Bloober Team. 

Our mission is to make ambitious games with unique visual style and deep immersive story. Just grab a coffee, sit comfortably and get into the uncommon worlds created by us.

“Harmony of mutual emotions makes the relationship with the player special – it’s consistency of experiencing passsion accumulated in each pixel of the art we create.”

Dawid Ciślak


“We believe that video games are art, and we create them as such: with passion, devotion, and lots of energy drinks.”

Zuza Szabłowska


“I love to forge new ideas. But the only way to unlreash and improve your concepts is to work with other indyviduals, and Polyslash is full of weird people.”

Patryk Polewiak


“Everything we do is for the sake of story – every word, every piece of art, and even every line of code.”

Paweł Żołyniak



“We. the Revolution”

Paris, the times of the French Revolution. The Player controls a Judge– an alcoholic and a gambler – of The Revolutionary Tribunal. His objective is to preside over court proceedings, judging people brought in front of him– revolutionaries and their enemies, criminals and ordinary citizens. 

Along the couse of the story, the protagonist will be expanding his influence over XVIIIth-century Paris, but at the same time will be forced to fight for the lives of his family and his own.


“Its unique gameplay and immersive atmosphere felt like a breath of fresh air with regards to what games can do.”

~ Destructoid

“…from the vantage point of something like a visual novel, we get far more emotional depth and meaningful maturity than we do from so many splashy, big budget operations.”~ Eurogamer”

~ Gamasutra

“It’s a gorgeous looking game and its mechanics are very pleasing, but I honestly can’t remember the last time a game had quite such an oppressive atmosphere.”

~ Eurogamer


Phantaruk combines survival horror with adventure and stealth mechanics. Expect true shivers down your spine as you fight for your life not only facing the dangers of the Purity-02 spaceship, but most of all – when you try to get rid of toxins continually destroying you from the inside.

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